Raw Edge Wedge V Belts

Endura Hi-Tech 'FLEX' Wedge V belts are used for high power and torque transmission


  • • Strong tensile members to give durability. Wedge profile allows for a smaller drive package and lower operating costs.
  • • Engineered cushion compound. Cut-edge cogged construction on most sizes.
  • • Better curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the pulley-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.
  • • High flexibility
  • • 25% – 30% higher power ratings than wrapped V-belts
Construction Functions Materials
Top fabric Protects internal tension member. Cotton / Synthetic Fabric.
Tension member Primary material for transferring power. Polyester, Aramid.
Adhesive Rubber Absorbs shock and prevent cracking in compression rubber. CR
Compression Rubber Maintains sectional shape by side pressure. Fibre Loaded CR

Market's Applications: Endura Hi-Tech “FLEX’ Cogged Wedge Belts have been developed to handle all industrial Applications for longer trouble free service life.

Length Designation: Lp (pitch length in mm)

Dimensions, Range and standards: Available in SPZX , SPAX, SPBX and SPCX sections. For range and standards, please refer to table no-