Poly Ribbed Poly Belts

V-ribbed belts have wide top width and thin thickness, it provides consistent tension while driving by connecting in the each rib. It is also called Micro V-belts. Endura Hi-Tech 'POLY' belts are suited for high speed and high power transmission drives.


  • • The wide width and thin height provide the excellent flexibility.
  • • High power transmission under operational conditions of highspeed rotation, reverse bending and a small diameter pulley.
  • • Maintains consistent tension during operation for cords of high modulus and low shrinkage.
  • • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear
  • • Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip during operation.
Construction Functions Materials
Covering fabric Oil, ozone and abrasion resistant fabric for long trouble free operation Cotton / Synthetic Fabric
Cushion rubber Strong adherence to the tension member and keeps it at correct position CR
Tensile cord Compose of special cord with Tensile strength and low elongation Polyester
Compression rubber Fiber reinforced, truncated rib profile for higher load-carrying capacity and better wear resistance. CR, EPDM

Market's Applications: It can be used in various applications like house hold electrical appliances, different machine tools, work tools, industrial machines etc.

Length Designation: Le (effective length in mm)

Dimensions, Range and standards: For dimensions and range, please refer given below table