Banded Belts

Because of their band construction, these belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies. Banded belts are usually better suited to unusual drive situations than matched belt sets.


  • • Gives more than 50% Longer Life than conventional individual belts.
  • • Can transmit more power.
  • • Eliminates belt whip, belt twist and belt turn
  • • High-strength HMLS tensile members for better performance.
  • • Heat, oil and abrasion resistant.

Market's Applications: : Banded belts are made by joining Classical, Wedge or Narrow sections belts. Each band may require different number of belts depending upon the drive condition. Main applications of these banded belts are on drives of severe vibrations or vertical shaft drives or agricultural drives. These belts are used in crushers, Compressors, Generator sets, Harvester machines, Pumps etc

Length Designation: La (outside length in mm)

Dimensions, Range and standards: Available as per ORL standards. For range, please refer below table.

Sections Dimensions of the basic belt (mm) Angle (degree) Range (mm)
HA 13X8 40 1700-6000
HB 17X11 40 1600-7000
HC 22/14 40 2100-7000
HD 32X19 40 3000-11000
HSPS 13X10 40 1500-4500
HSPB 17X14 40 1500-8000
HSPC 22X18 40 2000-10000
H3V 22X8 40 800-1400
H5V 16X14 40 560-3550
H8V 25X23 40 1200-5000