Raw Edge Cogged V Belts

Made of high strength, flexible tension members and heat-resistant rubber compounds, these automotive belts are designed for high-speed and high-temperature conditions in speicially designed shapes.


  • • Highly flexible and thus suitable for conditions requiring high flexibility and a small pulley diameter.
  • • Assures uniform performance over the entire belt length for the entire belt life.
  • • Resistant to heat, oil and abrasion.
  • • Vibration free.
Construction Functions Materials
Top fabric Protects internal tension member. Cotton / Synthetic Fabric.
Tension member Primary material for transferring power. Polyester, Aramid.
Adhesive Rubber Absorbs shock and prevent cracking in compression rubber. CR
Compression Rubber Maintains sectional shape by side pressure. Fibre Loaded CR

Market's Applications: Endura Hi-Tech 'COG' cogged belts are specially designed according to the needs of the automotive machinery. These belts are best suited for power steering pump, A/C compressor, water pump etc.

Length Designation: Li (inside length in mm)

Dimensions, Range and standards: Available in AX, BX and CX sections. For range and standards, please refer to table no-