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For over a decade, ORL General Trading has been at the forefront of delivering innovative business solutions for our customers as per their industry-specific requirements of Power Transmission Belts. We have become one of the leading suppliers and distributors of Power Transmission Belts in various Gulf Countries, like the UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, and many more. Our essential products include Classical V belts, Wedge belts, Narrow V belts, Banded belts, Poly V belts and other high-performance rubber belts. All our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

V Belts used in power transmission have seen significant lifetime and performance improvements due to technological advancements. Since the introduction of synthetic rubber materials such as neoprene, silicone, polyurethane (which is often incorrectly referred to as urethane), and others, the scope of industrial process equipment has increased significantly. Because of certain synthetic rubber materials' temperature, chemical, and pressure resistance qualities, power transmission belting may now be used in applications that were previously too demanding and inhospitable for traditional rubber materials. Thus, Endura Hi-tech's industrial power transmission belts are quite famous in the UAE, as they are the best exporters and distributors in the gulf.

Better belting technology has also led to increased safety in the equipment that uses belting in its many applications. In addition to reducing the possibility of belt breakage, reducing the likelihood of cascading damage to other equipment components caused by belt failure during a machine's operation minimizes the likelihood of damage to other equipment parts. However, although it is still vital to carefully match a power transmission belt to its intended application, the combination of attentive maintenance and proper operation will ensure the long-term and effective performance of the belt, as well as the equipment with which it is used.


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ORL General Trading is a prominent distributor of power rubber transmission belts Endura Hi-Tech manufactured by industry leader OMFA RUBBERS LTD. Being a trusted name in the industry, we offer quality products demanded highly on a worldwide level. Our exclusive range of power transmission belts includes Classical V belts, Wedge V belts, Narrow V belts, and many more. At ORL General Trading, we firmly believe in providing the highest customer satisfaction through our products. This policy has made us a name to reckon with in the manufacturing industry in Gulf Countries, including the UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, and many more.

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Transmission rubber belts are manufactured to meet a range of various specifications based on their intended usage. Belts for heavy-duty industrial applications are typically constructed of durable materials that are temperature- and chemical-resistant. Belts for lighter-duty applications may be produced of less resistant materials, which are less costly and more acceptable for not as demanding uses.

Classical V Belts

Classical V Belts

Classical V-Belts are endless belts used in a wide range of applications.

wedge v belts

Wedge V Belts

Wedge V-belts are especially suitable for drives with high belt speeds and are used in industrial.

raw edged

RAW EDGE Cogged V belts

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At ORL General Trading, we aim at offering the best quality power transmission belts to our esteemed clientele. Our company has always taken the lead in meeting the exact demands of customers. Ensuring utmost customer satisfaction is one of the core philosophies and prime objectives of our company.

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Mission & Values

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Corporate Structure

Each of our departments effectively performs their specialized function while collaborating with each other to achieve the corporate's goals.

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Corporate Structure

We assure that our company will always keep our performance and behavior in line with the government's regulations on environment protection.

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